Did you know the equivalent of 1000 laptops are thrown away every single second? 

The tech industry has become acutely aware of its impact on the environment in recent years – particularly with the increasing interest in sustainability and environmental initiatives. What many of us fail to realise, however, is precisely how much we contribute to the problem at hand. (Brace yourselves: it’s not a pretty picture…) 

Electronic and electrical waste (e-waste) is the world’s fastest-growing domestic waste stream, releasing toxic chemicals into the atmosphere that negatively impact both land and sea. 

As well as having a hugely detrimental impact on the environment, this negligent waste disposal is completely avoidable. We partner with a number of carefully chosen ethical IT specialists to offer a range of recycling solutions – all WEEE compliant and exceeding current environmental and data protection legislation, so you can be sure your hard drives are wiped as clean as your conscience. 

Old kit is either resold following processing, broken down to component level or repurposed as raw material and put back into the manufacturing supply chain. Best of all, any value that can be obtained from the recycled tech is shared with the customer. 

Recently, we helped supported living providers Consensus to rid their offices of redundant IT by organising the responsible removal of 46 assets. With the help of a specialist partner, 13 pieces were recycled, 33 were reused, and zero went to landfill. More than simply clearing unwanted items, this initiative helped Consensus achieve their goal of running a more sustainable business and showcased their commitment to eco-friendly IT management. 

We’re all guilty of piling old laptops in cupboards ‘just in case’ or shamelessly adding to that pile of redundant technology in a corner of the office. And like it or not, we’re all responsible for disposing of this kit correctly. With sustainability creeping up the agenda of every boardroom meeting across the globe, getting rid of old tech is a quick win: streamline your IT estate, declutter your work environment, and perhaps even unlock some value tied up in that archaeological heap of IT too. 

Here at Servium, we’re committed to promoting and practicing sustainability in an ethical and transparent way. And right now, we’re preparing to outline our eco initiatives for 2024, as well as sharing how successful we were with last year’s environmental commitments.  

It all starts by taking the first step. Get in touch with us today and we’ll help you remove redundant technology the responsible and secure way, tackling the global rise in e-waste and ensuring the end of an IT lifecycle doesn’t leave a negative mark on the planet.