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Smarter management of your IT

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IT should be an enabler, but that can’t happen when you’re bogged down with day-to-day administration, particularly as parts of your IT move to the cloud and you’re increasingly operating in a hybrid world. Our management services remove the admin burden to ensure that every area of your IT estate performs as expected, you’re better able to plan capacity, and IT personnel are freed up to explore new innovations. Our management services include:

Managed Services

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Comprehensive management of your IT including datacentre infrastructure and your corporate network. Proactive monitoring and expert support ensure fast identification and resolution of issues to preserve service delivery.

Firewall Management

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Comprehensive support that keeps your firewall functioning at its best. Patch management, monitoring and proactive support from security experts ensures this line of defence is kept up to date to repel potential threats before they cause harm.

Security Operations Centre (SOC)

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A combination of security experts, leading solutions, and efficient processes deliver comprehensive security across your IT estate, so your all-important assets stay protected against the latest threats.

Your Challenge

As your IT estate grows and becomes more complex, staying on top of day-to-day administration can start to feel like a mammoth task for your IT team. Added complexity puts further strain on resource, which increases the likelihood of important updates or management tasks slipping through the net.

Cumulatively, this leaves little time for proper capacity planning or the exploration of new innovations. Keeping the lights on becomes the priority, leading to expensive overprovisioning of resources like compute and storage, while preventing the delivery of new capabilities that add value.

With our management services, we ensure that your IT works harder for you. We take the headache out of IT management, delivering expert advice and support, alongside world-class tools and technology that keep every area of your IT estate optimised and running smoothly, freeing up your own IT team to do what they do best.

How we help


We undertake a full review of your existing IT estate to understand where administration headaches exist, and where operational efficiencies can be released with the deployment of our management services.


We can help you decide which services will assist you best, where new technologies may help and how to capitalise on the automation of IT to achieve the best outcomes.


We seamlessly deploy new technologies and make sure the services we provide connect with your existing teams and processes so IT management always feels in good hands.


Whether you need support for the management technologies you’re using or want to pass on some of the responsibility of IT management, we’re ready to step up. As you face new demands, our team are on hand to help you every step of the way.


Comprehensive management of parts or all of your IT estate to remove the admin headache

Free up more time for your IT team to work on new projects that add value

Expert advice and guidance to ensure best possible service delivery

Better harness existing IT investments and plan for the future

Fast and efficient response to IT issues to keep your people working at their best

A range of flexible services, designed around your needs, delivered with minimal disruption

Other Services

Compute Services

Compute sits at the heart of your digital foundations – so getting it right is important. Our compute services help you to understand your infrastructure needs, match them with the right combination of technologies and discover opportunities to innovate and optimise. Whether your preference is on-premise, datacentre or cloud, we have the know-how to power you on your way.


Match the right compute to the right workload
Better deliver the applications and services your business needs
Decide between on- or off-premise solutions for better outcomes
Attractive consumption-based services for better economics

Data Services

Data matters. Critical operations, customer transactions and business intelligence all rely on it. In an increasingly digital world, the value of your data is higher than ever before – and protecting it has become more important, and more complex. Through our data services we help you gain an overview of the data in your organisation and create commercially advantageous strategies to protect, use and store it.


Understand the data you have and its role in your organisation
Better economics by matching storage solutions with data usage
Keep your data protected against loss or cyber threat
Uncover insights to drive real business value from your data

Network Services

Your business is built on your network. As your infrastructure grows to support new services, it becomes more and more challenging to retain control of your connectivity without a spike in cost and complexity. Our network services put you back in control, giving you a full overview of what you have today, and delivering on opportunities for transformation that remove complexity and deliver genuine cost-savings whilst delivering enhanced security and performance.


Full review of your existing network to assess what you have today
Expert support to identify opportunities for cost-saving and transformation
Simplified management and enhanced security achieved with the latest technology
A fast, agile network infrastructure that becomes a business enabler

Security Services

Our security services help you protect the people, data and systems that matter to your business. As you discover new technologies to support your day-to-day operations, add more devices and apps to your network, or innovate through digitisation – our security experts help you optimise cyber resilience to the furthest reaches of your organisation.


Create rock-solid defences for your business
Better protect the data, people and places that matter
Properly evaluate risk vs economics to discover the best solutions
Access to the right technologies and all-important know-how

Workspace Services

Today’s workspaces need to work hard – to support your people and in turn generate your business’ best output. With many different employee roles, and a range of technologies available to complement them, a one-size-fits all approach to workspace technology is no longer an effective strategy. Whether your team are office based, remote or hybrid, our services help you to build personalised workspaces that truly deliver for your business.


Enhance user experience and performance with best-fit workspace technology
Discover the right devices and tools for your business from industry-leading vendors
Build and manage personalised workspaces within a joined-up IT strategy
Use monitoring and management to maximise your investments
The Servium pathfinder details how we work.

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