Corporate Social Responsibility

Little actions can make a big difference

A dedication to change we can affect

We recognised a long time ago that there’s so much more to what we do than the furtherment of our business. Of course, we have a responsibility to our team and our customers to ensure that we perform at our best and always strive for better. This approach extends beyond our day to day to include a focus on Corporate Social Responsibility. More specifically, how we can continue to act as ethically as possible, take steps to help the environment, and show our support for worthy causes.

Doing our bit for the planet

There is no quick fix to climate change or environmental issues, but it’s something that we must all take responsibility for. We love all things IT, but we’re well aware of the impact our industry has on our planet. It’s why we’re committed to maintaining our ISO 14001 certification for Environmental Management so that we can continue taking steps to become more environmentally friendly. We’re also committed to offsetting our carbon footprint with the donation of trees via the International Tree Foundation.

See our progress

Looking out for those less fortunate

There’s always someone in need of a helping hand, and we’ve seen the value we can offer by supporting good causes and local community projects. Over the years we’ve supported many charities, and typically include a charitable activity at all of our significant customer and team events. We also allocate 1% of our profits each year and split this among our team for them to donate to a charity or organisation of their choice. It’s our way of helping our team do their bit too.

People we’re proud of

We love every member of our team and work hard to create a culture and environment that helps them be their best every day. Importantly, we’re committed to equal opportunities and building a supportive team culture that everyone can be a part of.

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