Taking the hard work out of hardware

Hardware: The user frontier

Hardware is business-critical. It can be the servers and storage that underpin the digital operations of your business, or the devices that enable your people to do their jobs. It’s probably what most users in your organisation think of as your ‘IT’ because it is the interface they interact with on a day-to-day basis. That’s why it’s important to get it right.

We’re perfectly poised to supply all the physical components of your IT, from datacentre hardware to network appliances, client computing devices and peripherals. Hardware doesn’t exist alone – it needs to work in harmony with the software and applications your business relies upon. We can help you select complementary technology to make sure your IT works cohesively to deliver your business and user needs.


Upgrade or replace?

Today’s IT moves quickly and, as with any part of your strategy, you need to plan ahead. Changes in your market, people or products and services could all impact the type of hardware your business requires. Hardware refresh cycles are common, but replacement isn’t always necessary. You may be able to extend hardware lifetime through better maintenance or component upgrade. We can help you decide what to replace and when, and support you with the management of each device through its operational life to maximise your investment.

Lifecycle Management

Review & Research
Design & Budget
Agree & Plan
Source & Supply
Install & Deploy
Educate & Utilise
Maintain & Optimise
Upgrade & Redeploy
Decommission & Disposal

A resourceful approach

If you need new tech, we can secure best-in-market supply to meet even the toughest demands. But we also help you squeeze value from existing investments through complementary services such as extended warranties, breakfix maintenance and ongoing monitoring and management. New doesn’t have to be brand new. Second-user technology offers attractive commercial opportunities and valuable CSR benefits. We can even help to responsibly dispose of your outgoing technology. And if it’s agility you need, ask us about alternative options such as leasing or consumption-based device provisioning.

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