Choosing and managing the right apps

Shaping up your software strategy

Software plays so many different roles in your business that keeping a handle on what you have and what you need can become an overwhelming task. Get it right, and business operations run smoothly and efficiently. Neglect it, and you could be burdened with bills for apps you don’t need, or have frustrated users who feel held back by technology that’s not fit for purpose.

We have everything in place to help you select, manage, and optimise the purchase, deployment, maintenance, utilisation, and disposal of software applications within your business. Take control of your software estate and discover how to drive efficiencies and make more informed strategic decisions. With Servium, you can streamline software acquisition with one expert partner – our relationships with all the major software vendors go back years and we’re constantly building new links with up-and-coming ISVs too.

Licensing, sorted

Our Software Asset Management (SAM) experts help you navigate the complexities of licensing management – helping you choose the right schemes, ensuring you’re not overpaying for the software you need and taking care of licensing compliance to reduce organisational risk. Using industry-leading management tools, we’ll show you exactly how each program or app is being used – and suggest strategies to align your software with your needs and realise savings. We can deliver a snapshot review – or provide ongoing visibility and support through our managed services.

Our Strategic Software Partners

We’re proud to have long-standing relationships with a diverse and world-class portfolio of software providers. Whether it’s one of the biggest names in IT, or an innovative newcomer, it’s only by working closely with our partners that we ensure all of our customers enjoy access to the latest software and applications.

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Discover the software of your future

With a steady stream of cloud-based software emerging into the marketplace, there are plenty of opportunities to move away from traditional licensing models if it better suits your needs. We can support your transition to cloud-based software and applications, help you realise the benefits of pay-as-you go commercials and even provide a single portal to monitor and manage SaaS licenses from major providers like Microsoft. What’s more, if mainstream software isn’t quite hitting the mark for your business, our expert team can identify and source more specialist technology to meet your needs.

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