New technologies, new opportunities

Harness all that technology has to offer

We’re unashamedly good at the supply of technology. For more than 10 years we’ve been dedicated to supporting our customers with acquisition, deployment, and refresh of the essential hardware and software they need to be successful. The wealth of experience and industry knowledge we bring to the table sees that we can help you become a leader in your industry. That means identifying opportunities to embrace the latest innovations and optimising what you have today to ensure your business takes advantage of everything that technology has to offer.

We think differently

Servium challenges conventional thinking whenever it’s right to do so. That means encouraging you to seize advances in technology where it represents good commercial sense and promises new gains. But at the same time, we never neglect proven technologies that continue to add value.

To know which technologies to turn to, we need to work with the best. Accordingly, we’ve developed deep-rooted relationships with many of the world’s leading manufacturers as well as up-and-coming pioneers to give our customers the best choices.

Exceptional support at every turn

We’re ready to assist at every stage of the technology lifecycle, so you can continue to maximise the value of your investments. Experienced personnel and first-class technology sourcing combine with exceptional IT supply chain services to help our customer select, acquire and put to work the technology they need. Our access to multiple sourcing channels helps to secure the best supply and means we move fast when your business depends on it. The result is streamlined acquisition, better supply and best value commercials. Our ability to ship products around the globe means you can benefit no matter where you’re doing business.

Technology sourced on your terms

We’re focused on how we can make your investments work for you, and that extends beyond the software and hardware we deliver to flexible options that allow you to source and consume technology in whatever way suits you best. Whether it’s outright purchase, financing, or as-a-Service models, we can outline an approach that gives you the technology you need on the terms you want.

Explore our technology


We understand the important role software plays in your business and are ready to help find, evaluate and procure everything you need.

From building your inventory, to managing deployment, reviewing commercials, or identifying new applications, we can streamline every step of your software asset management.

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From edge to cloud, modern hybrid environments rely on the best hardware. We’re focused on ensuring every aspect of your hardware strategy is right.

Our experienced team is perfectly positioned to support across the entire lifecycle, from reviewing your needs and designing your solution, to technology decommission and disposal.

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A great IT experience starts by working with a partner who makes it easy to get the guidance you need. Pathfinder is our way of working with customers to pick a path to success.

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Next Steps

If you’re ready to take your IT to the next level, we’re waiting for your call. Whatever your challenge, need, or environment, we’ll put the right technology into your hands and help create great IT experiences for your business. Start here.

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