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Environments that work perfectly, wherever they are

Our Services

Our workspace services include:

Workspace Assessments

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Delve into your existing workspaces and assess what’s working, what’s not and what’s missing.

Device as a Service

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Wrap the cost of user devices, and any associated accessories and software, into one payment for predictable, convenient budgeting.

Collaboration & Voice

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Communications services that keep pace with your business, elevating how your people collaborate and communicate, wherever they’re working.

Office Transformation

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We can equip your office environment to cater to every need your business may have from AV conferencing tech to hotdesking and hoteling.

Desktop Virtualisation

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Guarantee seamless remote experiences regardless of devices. Deploying a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and remote apps truly enables hybrid work.

Print as a Service

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Simplify your print estate with a highly cost-effective, hassle-free, all-inclusive printing solution from Epson.

Your Challenge

Workspaces should enrich the experiences of both the business and the user. Users want to be able to get on with what’s important, and organisations need to make sure that the tools they’re using aren’t becoming barriers to productivity.

This means evaluating your business to establish what it needs from its workspaces and then thinking beyond the technology to maximise on your investments. We examine workspace configuration, employee training, ongoing monitoring and management strategies, and troubleshooting – doing this in a responsive way to make sure each technology plays a part.

Not everyone’s requirements will be the same. As hybrid and flexible working become more common, more businesses are offering personalised workspace experiences. For some, this means tailoring workspaces to defined user personas. Others are taking it to a granular level and catering to users’ individual needs. We help you decide what approach will work best for your business, and for your people.

How we help


We carry out a thorough assessment of your workspaces to understand how your people work and the technology they need


Drawing on our own knowledge and partnerships with industry-leading vendors, we match your needs to the technology that will do the job best


Working with our partners, we get your workspaces ready to go and ensure that everything is operating smoothly for your team


Should your needs change, we’ll review your workspace and make any replacements or upgrades so your IT evolves with your business


Align your workspace technology with employee needs to help them perform optimally

Understand the tools available to support your workforce and which ones best fit your organisation

Discover how provisioning part of your workspace through DaaS brings flexibility and commercial benefits

Receive advice from our knowledgeable team who have years of experience delivering successful workspace solutions

Learn how ongoing monitoring and managing of your workspace technology can drive efficiency and productivity

Other Services

Compute Services

Compute sits at the heart of your digital foundations – so getting it right is important. Our compute services help you to understand your infrastructure needs, match them with the right combination of technologies and discover opportunities to innovate and optimise. Whether your preference is on-premise, datacentre or cloud, we have the know-how to power you on your way.


Match the right compute to the right workload
Better deliver the applications and services your business needs
Decide between on- or off-premise solutions for better outcomes
Attractive consumption-based services for better economics

Management Services

As your IT goes hybrid there’s more than ever to manage as you strive to optimise services, ensure costs stay in check and enable your team to keep innovating. Our management services are designed to alleviate the admin burden and help make your IT work harder. Expert advice and support, coupled with world-class tools and technology keep every area of your IT estate fully optimised.


Full or part management of your IT estate to remove the admin burden
Management across private, public, hybrid and multi-cloud environments
Expert deployment of technologies that power automation and smarter management
Better visibility and insight to inform planning and guide strategy

Data Services

Data matters. Critical operations, customer transactions and business intelligence all rely on it. In an increasingly digital world, the value of your data is higher than ever before – and protecting it has become more important, and more complex. Through our data services we help you gain an overview of the data in your organisation and create commercially advantageous strategies to protect, use and store it.


Understand the data you have and its role in your organisation
Better economics by matching storage solutions with data usage
Keep your data protected against loss or cyber threat
Uncover insights to drive real business value from your data

Network Services

Your business is built on your network. As your infrastructure grows to support new services, it becomes more and more challenging to retain control of your connectivity without a spike in cost and complexity. Our network services put you back in control, giving you a full overview of what you have today, and delivering on opportunities for transformation that remove complexity and deliver genuine cost-savings whilst delivering enhanced security and performance.


Full review of your existing network to assess what you have today
Expert support to identify opportunities for cost-saving and transformation
Simplified management and enhanced security achieved with the latest technology
A fast, agile network infrastructure that becomes a business enabler

Security Services

Our security services help you protect the people, data and systems that matter to your business. As you discover new technologies to support your day-to-day operations, add more devices and apps to your network, or innovate through digitisation – our security experts help you optimise cyber resilience to the furthest reaches of your organisation.


Create rock-solid defences for your business
Better protect the data, people and places that matter
Properly evaluate risk vs economics to discover the best solutions
Access to the right technologies and all-important know-how
The Servium pathfinder details how we work.

Discover Pathfinder

A great IT experience starts by working with a partner who makes it easy to get the guidance you need. Pathfinder is our way of working with customers to pick a path to success.

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