Your server is going places

Your compute is the core of your infrastructure; without your servers, you wouldn’t have any IT at all. But, as your company grows, the compute powered by your servers becomes more difficult to manage, not to mention expensive to run. Figuring out the amount of compute you need isn’t always such an easy task either. We help bring clarity to the confusion with modern solutions that help to optimise compute to deliver the applications and services important to your business.

On-premise compute: keeping your server at home

If it’s most beneficial to keep your server in your own on-premise datacentre, we’ll tell you, and make sure that it’s properly managed and secure. We can build compute solutions from a stable of world-class manufacturers and knit them together to do just what you need, whether that means staying physical, going virtual, or mixing the two. But sticking with conventional servers may not even be the best choice for you; modern hyperconverged solutions are growing in popularity and offer huge advances in simplicity, economics, and performance. Together we’ll evaluate the best the market has to offer in meeting your challenges.

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Off-premise hosting: time to pack up and move out

There are many reasons you might want to host your servers in someone else’s datacentre, whether it’s a lack of physical space, security, or just the headache of power and cooling your machines. Through our Services Ecosystem, we’ve identified a number of leading partners who are set to host your hardware and provide you with access to purpose-built facilities.

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The rise of the cloud: Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

The rise of the cloud presents more options than ever for accessing the compute resource you need. Delivered as flexible consumption-based services, you’ll never worry about hardware, maintenance, or performance again and simply ‘eat as much as you like’ for a predictable per-unit cost! The cloud’s a busy place though, with a huge number of options to choose between. We help you in navigating a path towards the best providers, finding the most fitting solutions, and powering your compute through the cloud with the minimal amount of fuss.

Carefully crafted compute

In reality, no one solution will suit all your compute needs and you’ll more than likely arrive at a hybrid solution that achieves the best combination of solutions. Deciding on this however, requires expert advice from people who understand what’s best for your infrastructure. We’re here to help bring that understanding and all-important objectivity.