Tree Tracker

A greener planet for a better tomorrow

Doing our bit one tree at a time

As part of our ongoing commitment to meeting our ISO 14001 certification, we seek to help the environment in any way we can. At the heart of our action is our partnership with the International Tree Foundation (ITF) and a number of complementary service partners. Whether it’s for every response to our customer survey, work with our partners, or a donation on behalf of our customers, we’re proud to playing a part in the planting of trees to restore woodlands and forests across the globe. Here’s what we’ve donated to date.

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Trees Planted

Working with the International Tree Foundation

Established in 1922, ITF shares a vision with millions of people across the globe of a world where trees and forests not only flourish, but are left free to support and sustain the local ecosystem, communities, and the planet.

The ITF works to plant and grow trees, restore and conserve forests, and strengthen ecosystem resilience.

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