Pictured: Geoff Kneen, CEO, Advania UK & Paul Barlow, CEO, Servium


Earlier this year I promised there would be exciting news coming soon, and today I’m thrilled to announce that Servium has been acquired by Advania in a move that will see us extend our reach, scale our operations and broaden our offering like never before.  

When we founded Servium 15 years ago, we did so with the aim of becoming the best solutions and services provider in the UK. Now, with an unmatched reputation for exceptional customer experience and a client base spanning Europe and beyond, it feels right that we evolve into the next stage of our journey – and I’m delighted that the Advania team will be by our side as we enter this new era. 

Advania is one of the leading IT providers in Northern Europe covering Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and the UK, as well as being a renowned Microsoft partner. Crucially, their culture and values align closely with our own, and their new tagline, ‘The tech company with people at heart’, speaks to much of what drives Servium today. 

So, with that in mind, what does this acquisition mean for our customers? First and foremost, you can rest assured that it’s business as usual here at Servium HQ, and the exceptional service and experience you’ve come to expect from us is going nowhere.  

On a commercial level, our capabilities are set to be supercharged as we inherit an elite engineering and professional services pool alongside industry leading accreditations in cloud and AI. We’ll also become better positioned to service customers internationally, furthering our commitment to outstanding customer service on a global scale. 

I’m incredibly proud of the team at Servium for creating a business that has made waves in the industry, and I look forward to joining the Advania team in what I’m sure will be a prosperous and influential union. 

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