If you’ve not yet been introduced, Copilot is Microsoft’s new AI-powered assistant. Launched to Enterprise customers on November 1, 2023 (making it a Scorpio) it enjoys boosting productivity, increasing efficiency, and unlocking individual creativity. But beyond the superficial marketing spiel, what does Copilot really bring to the table?

1. It always knows what to say

Copilot can reduce the time spent on writing tasks by suggesting whole sentences or even paragraphs. Users can choose from multiple suggestions with a single click, enabling them to produce high-quality content more quickly. It also sparks new ideas and serves as a thought partner when brainstorming.

And when it comes to consistency and quality, Copilot is trained on billions of lines of natural language and code, allowing it to produce suggestions with consistent formatting, style and tone. This helps ensure documents and communications maintain brand consistency.

2. It performs in the sheets

If you’re not one of those people who knows every Excel formula by heart, you’ll be thrilled to discover that Copilot can help you pull information from spreadsheets via simple, natural language prompts.

For those who actually enjoy a more mathematical approach, Copilot’s also happy to generate formula column suggestions, as well as analysing trends and transforming insights into aesthetically pleasing charts and PivotTables.

3. It’s never boring

By suggesting text completions drawn from its deep knowledge, Copilot heroically rids the working day of repetition.

So, from status reports and meeting notes to product descriptions, pricing sheets and more, you can kiss goodbye to manually performing mundane tasks over and over again.

4. It’s all about the details

For developers and IT teams, Copilot speeds up the coding process by suggesting whole lines or blocks of code, thereby reducing the need to constantly search documentation and references. In fact, 88% of developers who use Copilot say they are more productive.

It also catches bugs and suggests fixes, improving code quality. And much like Excel, if a developer needs to create a feature in a web app, they can describe the functionality in plain English. Copilot will then generate the necessary code, saving time and effort.

5. It’s handy in social situations

Copilot makes collaboration easier by suggesting complete meeting notes, status updates and other documents required when working with Teams. This includes letting users quickly convert meeting ideas into visuals in Microsoft Whiteboard.

The AI assistant also helps ensure all stakeholders stay informed and aligned through clear, consistent communications. For instance, transcripts will include each speaker’s identity, so there’ll be no more head scratching over who said what.

6. It takes a burden off your plate

Copilot can help customer service teams respond to inquiries faster by suggesting replies to common questions and issues. This helps often overburdened teams to meet customer expectations, scale easily and still offer an efficient personalised service.

More than simply improving response times and consistency, Copilot frees reps to handle more complex issues. And because it’s available 24/7, customers can access help anywhere and anytime they choose.

It’s… your perfect partner?

From streamlining workflows to unlocking employee potential, there’s no question that Copilot has a lot to offer businesses of all sizes. Its various iterations provide dedicated support across Github, Microsoft 365, Security, Sales and more, so you can easily tailor what’s best suited to your operations. And when it comes to ROI, you’ll find the more users familiarise themselves with its abundance of features, the more efficiencies and cost-savings increase.

As AI technology continues to advance, tools such as Copilot provide a glimpse into the future of augmented and assisted work. Businesses that embrace such solutions are certain to gain a competitive edge, and demand is rising sharply.

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