Why pay for something you don’t need?

Historically, many organisations have deliberately overprovisioned compute and storage on a ‘just in case’ basis. In some ways, this makes sense – if you suddenly need to scale up then you have the infrastructure ready to support growth straight away. But in reality, businesses end up paying for more capacity than they actually need. Without a clear view of the compute and storage they are already using, they can’t truly predict how it might change up or down – and ‘just in case’ simply becomes a waste of money. On-premises, expensive hardware sits idle whereas in the public cloud, where rates are high, the cost of overprovisioning can really mount up.

Helping you see clearly

To prevent overprovisioning becoming an expensive problem for your organisation, capacity planning is key. VapourTrail Discover is a free assessment service from Servium, which helps you understand the capacity, performance and configuration of the resources deployed to run services that matter to your business. Whether on-premises or in the cloud, VapourTrail Discover covers your complete infrastructure. Only once you have full visibility of your environment can you then begin to optimise it.

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Getting your cloud strategy off the ground

Whether you plan to pursue a hybrid or all-out cloud strategy, migration will play a central part in helping to right-size your infrastructure. VapourTrail Discover enables you to identify areas of overprovisioning or any ‘orphaned’ resource you’re not using effectively – and spot opportunities to migrate workloads for commercial advantage. Wherever you are in your cloud-adoption journey, the insight and recommendations you gain from the assessment will help accelerate your strategy to new heights.

The onward journey – where next?

Following your VapourTrail Discover assessment you may wish to progress to VapourTrail Navigate. Once your cloud strategy is in flight, VapourTrail Navigate provides you with a simple tool to manage and optimise all your cloud services from one user-friendly platform. Find out more here.

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