The Who

  • Government for a British-owned Atlantic island
  • Highly challenging location to reach, with air freight often being prohibitively expensive

The Challenge

  • Power outages took IT infrastructure for important services offline
  • Highlighted the need for a more reliable power supply for IT infrastructure
  • Uninterruptable power supply (UPS) had been shipped to the island previously, but never comissioned
  • No engineering resource on the island to bring the UPS online
  • Originally planned to send an engineer to commission this UPS, but discovered that it wasn't workable in its current state
  • Also determined that the original UPS would now be too small to support the IT infrastructure

The Solution

  • Evaluated what was needed via a virtual site survey, making use of video calling to look around datacentre
  • Larger UPS needed to be shipped to and commissioned on the island
  • Specialist engineers from the Servium Services Ecosystem flown out to set up new UPS
  • While present, engineers offered advice and guidance on how to maximise the potential of the investment
  • Remote support delivered alongside the solution, to ensure the power estate is always ready for action

The Benefits

  • Blackouts no longer put government services at risk
  • Remote triage before engineers were sent lowered costs
  • Knowledge shared from engineers to customer
  • Now maximising their investment in a UPS
  • Expert advice and support ensures a lifetime of 3-5 years for the solution

Why Servium?

  • Established relationship with customer
  • Adopted a unique approach, including virtual site survey
  • Extensive experience of getting people and products to the island
  • Services Ecosystem sourced the highly specialist skills needed for the project