The Who

  • One of the UK's leading providers of retirement financial solutions
  • Part of a group with over £2.5 billion in revenue
  • Long-standing Servium customer

The Challenge

  • Planning a relocation for a London office
  • Lease was quickly running out on existing premises, with preparation of new offices falling behind
  • Customer had been let down by previous supplier, who lacked AV expertise and couldn't source meeting room technology to a tight deadline
  • 2 months for entire project to take place, working around building contractors fitting out the new office
  • 18 rooms needed to be installed with state-of-the-art conferencing equipment

The Solution

  • Servium engaged initially to handle procurement
  • Delivered on procurement needs next-day, with roughly 200 items secured
  • Customer was impressed with fast acquisition, asked Servium to take on more of the project
  • All rooms refitted on time, working around contractors and managing the project for the customer
  • Rooms were fully commissioned following testing, snag fixes, and further optimisations - such as repositioning microphones to deliver better audio quality
  • Ensured interoperability with multiple communications platforms (e.g. Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex)
  • 12-month support contract for solution
  • Old equipment from previous location was repurposed where possible

The Benefits

  • Delivered 25% saving on costs through repurposing equipment from prior location, helping to meet business ESG goals
  • All rooms operational within the strict timeline
  • Incentivised hybrid workers to return to the office to make use of new environment
  • Rooms future-proofed with high-end solutions

Why Servium?

  • Could deliver critical projects on tight deadlines - evidenced by swift procurement
  • Impressed by suggestions to repurpose old technology
  • Relationship of trust established from past projects