The Who

  • Major body for human resources professionals
  • Headquartered in the UK
  • 150,000 members worldwide

The Challenge

  • New leadership came into the business - bringing with them a new IT team
  • Found themselves dissatisfied with existing managed service provider, who were underperforming on all their Service Desk SLAs
  • Reputation of the IT team inside the company was damaged due to poor service from the provider
  • Decided to end contract a year early
  • Needed a new managed service provider
  • Customer pivoted to hybrid working midway through project

The Solution

  • Servium proposed an entirely new service to distance from the failures of the other provider
  • First-, second-, and third-line support provided remotely, allowing access to a wider pool of expertise
  • A larger group of support agents would be deployed to become familiar with their systems and processes
  • Utilised existing service desk software to simplify transition
  • Enhanced the service with device stock holding to onboard new users faster

The Benefits

  • Better commercials, and improved quality of service
  • Greater peace of mind - more support staff are familiar with their business and requirements
  • Improved resilience as a result
  • Use of Servium warehouse allows for zero-touch deployment of devices for remote workers
  • Perception of IT team within the company greatly improved

Why Servium?

  • Proven track record of success on previous projects
  • Other suppliers had come and gone, but Servium remained a constant
  • Impressed by the value of the Services Ecosystem