The Who

  • Major body for human resources professionals
  • Headquartered in the UK
  • 150,000 members worldwide

The Challenge

  • Poor visibility over Azure spend led to unexpected spikes in cost
  • Incumbent supplier offered limited insight into breakdown of Azure spend
  • Business growing - with Azure costs starting to get out of control
  • No ability to self-serve subscription changes

The Solution

  • Transitioned to Servium's cloud billing platform
  • Targeted high-cost environments to reduce spend
  • Changed from standard licensing to reserved instances - leading to a two thirds reduction in costs
  • Regular reviews of consumption ensures costs are kept under control
  • Full training for use of Servium's cloud platform

The Benefits

  • Complete cost transparency
  • Technical pre-sales to help customer review infrastructure and find opportunities for further savings
  • Total Azure monthly spend reduced by £5000
  • Servium offers guidance and support
  • When spikes in demand occur, root cause can be easily established
  • Can self-serve subscriptions and evaluate potential costs before committing to changes

Why Servium?

  • Pre-existing relationship with the customer
  • Incumbent supplier was overcharging for cloud
  • Led with what was right for the customer, rather than what was most profitable
  • Trusted Servium to guide them properly