The Who

  • Global digital marketing agency
  • 36 offices worldwide
  • Head office in London
  • Over 10,000 users

The Challenge

  • Acquisition of multiple media companies over time meant business was operating on several different collaboration platforms
  • Need to standardise by choosing universal platform for the future
  • Microsoft Teams chosen as preferred collaboration platform
  • IT team already at maximum capacity
  • Needed first- and second-line support resource to free up team members to help manage new project

The Solution

  • Servium sourced 2 expert engineers for first- and second-line support
  • Second-line support engineer assisted with server build, consolidation of Active Directories, and introduction of Teams
  • Transpired certain parts of the business were unable to utilise Teams as they only had knowledge of their own communication tools
  • Servium assessed need for Teams training across business and offered a bespoke training solution
  • Delivered live demonstration across 4 different time zones and recorded for future use
  • Teams successfully deployed to 800 users worldwide

The Benefits

  • Consolidated system and new collaboration platform means business is more connected than ever before
  • Consistent experience achieved across entire business
  • Enormous productivity gains realised
  • Huge improvements in staff satisfaction

Why Servium?

  • Longstanding valued relationship with customer
  • Access to expert resource via Services Ecosystem
  • Orchestrated live demo of solution that remained sympathetic to multiple time zones within the business