The Who

  • International law firm
  • One of the largest in the world
  • Over 10,000 users

The Challenge

  • Incumbent Dell user looking to move to Lenovo notebooks
  • Seeking more competitive pricing and device functionality
  • Required 485 laptops, including associated docks and power adaptors
  • Required stock holding to call off against as required
  • Needed flexibility with regards to invoicing deadlines - often required invoices prior to need for stock

The Solution

  • Servium worked closely with Lenovo to arrive at the right machines for the best value
  • Offered bonded stock holding service after purchase of devices
  • By hosting all stock in a secure bonded warehouse - including laptops, docks, and power adaptors, Servium were able to invoice in-line with customer requirements
  • Agreed soft order of devices without PO in order to beat Intel stock shortages
  • Orchestrated all delivery to customer site, as well as unboxing and removal of packaging

The Benefits

  • Massive savings on price of devices
  • Access to stock as and when needed
  • Flexible invoicing to suit financial year restrictions
  • Zero charge for bonded stock service

Why Servium?

  • Longstanding valued relationship with customer
  • One partner for everything
  • Extremely agile throughout process
  • Negotiated excellent commercials despite Intel shortages
  • Common-sense approach to commercial relationship