The Who

  • National Healthcare provider
  • Urgent care centres across the UK
  • Care services to over 4.5 million patients
  • 5 companies within group
  • Roughly 2,000 users

The Challenge

  • Expansion of business through acquisitions had resulted in disparate workforce
  • IT team supporting users from new companies post-acquisition
  • Sought to improve efficiency for mobile support team and cut down on travel time between offices across the country
  • Wanted to achieve face-to-face support for offices using video conferencing
  • Extremely budget-conscious

The Solution

  • Servium met with key stakeholders to discuss functionality and benefits of new cloud solution from Zoom
  • Evaluated suitability to customer's environment
  • Servium originally proposed solution bundle, but due to budget constraints, the customer chose greater functionality with fewer licences
  • Rollout conducted across 15 rooms in head office
  • Supplied all technology to site, from cameras to iPads, and provided all service licencing
  • Led demos on Zoom functionality to train staff on solution
  • Rollout took place over 6-8 months for all sites

The Benefits

  • Time and cost savings due to reduction in travel between sites
  • First-line support now provided remotely, reducing time to fix
  • Support company-wide now much easier thanks to face-to-face video conferencing functionality

Why Servium?

  • Strong engagement with Zoom throughout process
  • Valued relationship with customer
  • Negotiations with Zoom resulted in welcomed cost savings
  • Orchestrated valuable video conferencing training