The Who

  • Specialist rental business group
  • 58 companies in 9 different countries
  • Over 1,000 users

The Challenge

  • Long-standing relationship (10+ years) with incumbent supplier, managing Microsoft agreements
  • Lack of visibility and self-service options
  • Poor communication from incumbent supplier meant customer was caught off-guard by changes to Microsoft licensing

The Solution

  • Servium shared important information about licensing changes ahead of the incumbent
  • With knowledge of subscriptions and customer requirements, the customer was advised on the best way to proceed
  • Servium gave the customer valuable insight to mitigate price rises and get more from their budgets
  • Set the customer up on the same license and billing platform they'd used previously
  • Importantly, Servium opened up access to the platform to enable complete visibility and self-service options
  • Training ensured staff were comfortable using the system, making them more able to get the benefit of self-service
  • Charged at a competitive price point

The Benefits

  • Customer saved 20% on their annual spend - freeing up £100,000 of IT budget per year
  • Servium able to support and manage licensing, and the customer is free to self-serve
  • Switch over of supply occurred overnight, with no disruption
  • Plans to use Servium for additional Microsoft 365 migrations and security solutions

Why Servium?

  • Trusted partner for hardware, and hunger to prove support capabilities in other areas
  • Impressed with proactivity and knowledge of Microsoft licensing/subscription programs
  • Helped the customer find the best path for their needs