The Who

  • UK-based building society and mortgage advisor
  • 4 offices in UK, 1 office in the Republic of Ireland
  • Over 30 years of experience advising and supporting home buyers
  • Roughly 1,200 users

The Challenge

  • New CTO driving cloud-first IT strategy
  • Existing backup solution was incredibly outdated, as the customer was running Backup Exec 2010, which went end-of-life in 2017
  • Lacked support for virtualised platforms, let alone more advanced cloud technology
  • Inability to backup data properly hampered cloud-first ambitions
  • Needed to have secure backups in order to meet compliance requirements

The Solution

  • Presented two alternative solutions - Barracuda or Arcserve UDP
  • Arcserve UDP selected, with an initial 2TB capacity scoped to meet the demand of the next 12 months
  • Arcserve engineers brought in to help set up solution
  • After initial 12 months, the decision was made to double backup storage to 4TB
  • UDP solution backups up to cloud as well as existing on-premises infrastructure

The Benefits

  • Set-and-forget solution which provides alerts when action needs to be taken, saving time for the IT team
  • UDP's built-in Sophos Intercept X security integrated with wider Sophos security measures in the environment
  • Impressive speed to move over to a new solution
  • Potential to also deploy Arcserve SaaS Backup later in journey to cloud-first IT

Why Servium?

  • Decade long partnership with customer
  • First-class expertise with Arcserve technology stack
  • Endorsement from vendor proved solution credibility
  • Technical competency from in-house engineers and Services Ecosystem