The Who

  • International pharmaceutical company
  • Global leader in rare diseases
  • Spread over 130+ countries

The Challenge

  • Global expansion programme saw the acquisition of a new company and growth to many different countries
  • A complete technology refresh was needed of client and networking equipment
  • Needed to meet new global standards

The Solution

  • Sourced 38,000 assets across 22 locations globally
  • Working with 40 different vendors
  • Supply of 2 technical architects for the design and installation of solutions for each location
  • Orchestration of customs and shipping for seamless procurement
  • An ongoing programme for 12 months

The Benefits

  • Offered important availability of technology and flexibility to call off as needed
  • Overcame admin headaches through the option to soft order
  • Negotiated currency fluctuations and exchanges
  • Forward-thinking and critical attention to detail helped to avoid potential procurement issues
  • Industry understanding and knowledge helped tackle challenges on the fly

Why Servium?

  • Flexibility and availability
  • Honest approach to what's possible in global logistics
  • Trust formed by 5-year relationship
  • Promised a high degree of certainty around supply
  • Vendor agnostic approach meant sourcing could be achieved through one partner
  • Knowledge of equipment and detail behind the project reduced risk and ensured success