A 5-minute guide to HP Device as a Service



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Reinventing how you approach end-user computing

HP Device as a Service is radically changing how you acquire, manage, and retire the devices your people need to stay productive. For the first time, you can escape the pressures of budget spikes, device administration, and security by choosing a different approach to your device strategy. Everything you need is rolled into one easy-to-manage monthly payment, spread over any duration you choose.

With pressures like Windows 7 end of support and user demand for new tech, there’s never been a better time to learn more about HP’s pay-as-you-go device solution to help better manage your way through these challenges.

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Our easy to digest guide on DaaS will:

  • Take you no more than 5 minutes to read
  • Explain what DaaS is so you’re better in the picture
  • Highlight the reasons IT teams are excited about the prospect of the service
  • Illustrate the financial and operational benefits of the solution