Solutions to build, deploy, and manage your private cloud

There’s huge hype around public cloud and while it has its place, it’s never been easier or faster to create a private cloud that enables you to reliably and rapidly deploy new applications and services. In fact, we can help you create your very own private cloud that offers many of the flexibility, scalability, and commercial advantages of the public cloud, but all delivered from your own infrastructure.

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Private, protected, and personal

Your private cloud is created exactly how you want it, accessible when you want it, and entirely yours. That means you get to call the shots from the off. Everything is in your hands.

However, if you don’t want this management burden, public cloud can appear like an easy ‘out’ where all this will be done for you. But, using clever technology and smart tools we can shape a self-managing private cloud that does much of the hard work for you, plus our team of experts can pick up any slack if you choose to assign your resources to more valuable tasks.


Control risk, reap reward

With our help, your private cloud opens the door to significant benefits, both practically and commercially. Your cloud is under your control and customised to your preferences; it’s built to be ultra-flexible and ready to scale when you are. This control also sees you gain complete visibility over how your data and applications are handled, accessed, and managed at all times. Most importantly, it gives you the peace of mind of knowing everything is as secure as you choose. You oversee the measures you deploy and match this to perceived risks and the budgets you have to spend. It also means greater control over meeting your compliance with privacy regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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Private cloud doesn’t just mean on-premise

It’s only natural to want your applications and data close to home, but while the temptation can be to keep everything on-premise, sometimes this just isn’t practical. Instead of bringing your private cloud infrastructure in-house, it can just as easily be hosted on dedicated servers in a third-party datacentre. This doesn’t mean you lose any of your control, or that the third-party host suddenly gains access to all of your data. It simply shifts the burden of hosting to someone else’s building and even hardware ownership to someone else’s balance sheet, so that you’re free to focus your efforts elsewhere. Thanks to our Services Ecosystem, we’re perfectly positioned to leverage the expertise of industry-leading vendors to help you build the private cloud that’s the right fit for your business, whether that’s on-premise or off.