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Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) develops secure, cloud-enabled, and mobile-friendly infrastructure composed of hardware, software, and services for compute, data, networks, and workspace. As a future-focused company, HPE has a 75-year heritage of innovation and industry breakthroughs, from developing the world’s most popular server to the first on-premise Infrastructure as a Service solution. Accordingly, they are a respected leader whose technology many of our customers are turning to as they look to modernise their businesses and respond to a new commercial landscape.

Successfully transforming IT infrastructures is all down to HPE’s ability to meet with shifting demands, helping to drive innovation, not follow it. Recent acquisitions including Nimble Storage, Aruba Networks, and SimpliVity have only helped to strengthen this capability. Arguably, HPE now offers one of the most complete technology line-ups for organisations looking to accelerate their business and achieve unique business goals.

Servium and HPE

Servium and HPE have worked together since the very beginnings of our business – that’s a decade of partnership that delivers real value to every project. We’ve achieved the highest accreditations across several of their product families and have considerable experience building solutions using their technology. The closeness of our partnership ensures that we keep ahead of new products and developments and the opportunities they present, while securing the very best commercials to help you succeed.

We’ve complemented our own technical capabilities in HPE with the breadth and depth afforded by our Services Ecosystem, so no matter how big your project or how ambitious your goals, we can resource your needs with exceptional know-how.

Ideas and technology to fuel your change

Transitioning your IT environment is no small undertaking, but the pressures of changing industries and markets make this a necessity. Whatever stage you’re at in your journey, Servium and HPE have the ideas, technology, and support that will see you arrive at the right solutions.

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