A smarter network means stronger IT

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Network solutions for digital business

Technology is pervasive, especially at the network edge where smart devices are being embraced by businesses and users alike. Whether you know it or not, there are more ‘things’ on your network than ever and each is competing for access and bandwidth, but also needs securing and managing. Likewise, digital initiatives are giving rise to new applications and services that place new challenges on your network. From the access layer through to your datacentre, across wired and wireless, your network needs to get smart.

Campus and branch networking

Deploying fast and intelligent campus and branch networks helps to accelerate mobile working, your IoT initiatives, and the rollout of location-based services that can create new business opportunities. Using enterprise-class wired and wireless networks we enable the best workplace productivity for users and rich insight and control for IT teams.

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Your network is only as strong as your weakest device

Your network has historically connected Information Technology (IT) devices like PCs and Printers, but increasingly Operational Technology (OT) like air-conditioning units and smart speakers are joining too. More devices mean more vulnerabilities, especially if you don’t know what’s connecting. We provide all-important visibility and put you back in control, so you decide what’s permitted and who to trust on your network, to better manage performance and eliminate security blind spots.

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Datacentre transformation with Software-defined Networks

We compose robust and agile datacentre networks that will power the applications and services at the heart of your digital initiatives. Using Software-defined Network (SDN) infrastructure we simplify this task, enabling you to create, modify, and secure networks in seconds without ever worrying about underlying network hardware. Virtualising your network and building it in software also means that we can add valuable automation, cut the time spent administering networks, and help you to seamlessly connect with cloud-based tools and effortlessly move into the world of hybrid IT.

Look forward to a future-ready network

It’s time to add agility, trust, and value to your network. With our help you’ll do this, while reducing ongoing costs and creating the foundations for scale.


With cybercrime at an all-time high, your business needs to be prepared for the unthinkable. We help you strengthen your security posture without having to compromise on performance or functionality, making certain your most valuable information is protected 24x7.
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We enable your people to do more by working smarter. Through seamless collaboration, future-ready connectivity, and leading-edge personal devices, we equip them to work better individually and together, in the office or on-the-go.
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We bring clarity to your compute, offering on-premise, off-premise, and hybrid solutions to suit whatever infrastructure you hope to build. By matching you with world-class vendors and technologies, your workload is powered by the right compute at the right cost.
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Your data has the potential to add serious value to your business, but it’s also an attractive target for cyberhackers. We ensure your most precious asset is properly managed, always secure, and harnessed to inform better decision-making.
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