Rich relationship with a world leader

The worldwide leader in IT and networking, Cisco is committed to connecting the previously unconnected. Since 1984, they’ve been solving business challenges by revolutionising how people communicate, collaborate, and innovate. A technology forerunner, Cisco is one of the world’s best-known technology brands and continues to bridge the gap between hope and possibility with ground-breaking solutions for networks, security, collaboration, and datacentre.

Servium and Cisco

Cisco shares our passion for exceptional customer service, as well as our dedication to resolving customer problems with business-altering solutions. Together, we work to see that not only our customers’ IT reaches its full potential, but their people reach theirs too. Our outstanding knowledge of Cisco’s portfolio enables us to provide users with comprehensive collaboration, smart CCTV, automated networking, better security measures, and faster, more reliable datacentre infrastructure. Backed by our real-world experience and expert know-how, Cisco solutions simply help our customers do more than ever before.

Get empowered, get engaged, start innovating

With technology genuinely pulling in the same direction as your business, we’ll help you empower your people, get engaged with your customers, and innovate in ways you didn’t think possible.