The Who

  • UK-based private healthcare provider
  • 4 UK offices, plus over 40 clinical sites

The Challenge

  • Partnered with Servium for procurement of new devices
  • New equipment ordered in bulk, then held by Servium until called off as needed
  • Original procurement process relied on a system of spreadsheets that would have to be updated regularly by both parties
  • Increasing frequency of new orders meant that this system was no longer manageable
  • Roughly 10 orders every day, with an average of 3,600 a year
  • Growing need for next-day deliveries, and a more agile system to facilitate them

The Solution

  • Servium developed a procurement workflow that made use of the client's existing ServiceNow platform
  • Orders could be placed and fulfilled within the platform, rather than needing to pull information out to an external system
  • This would then alert the Servium Account Management team to orchestrate inventory and logistics
  • New solution rolled out in a single morning, and staff trained to utilise it

The Benefits

  • Removed duplicated effort by both Servium and client to check order status
  • Created "single version of the truth" for all device supply activity
  • System can now easily keep pace with frequency of new orders
  • Plans to expand the system to handle enterprise technology procurement, plus bulk orders - ending reliance on old system entirely

Why Servium?

  • Long-term relationship with customer
  • Deep trust - Servium is the only supplier with access privileges to ServiceNow
  • Supply chain expertise and ability to craft a procurement process that worked perfectly with client's business
  • Able to roll out the system quickly and effectively, while maintaining business as usual supply cadence