The Who

  • World-class education institution in North England, offering over 700 courses
  • Home to 25,000 students

The Challenge

  • New international campus being opened, and the IT needed to match that of the UK campus
  • Replicating UK systems abroad would be costly and require on-site expertise in new location
  • Overseas connection speeds were unreliable, so dependency on a private cloud was risky
  • Limited time schedule to implement new solution

The Solution

  • WAN acceleration technology from Silver Peak made it possible to use a private cloud
  • Loan equipment was used as proof-of-concept to ease concerns
  • Servium and Silver Peak shadowed the client while they implemented the solution themselves

The Benefits

  • Minimal infrastructure required in new location, with only one team member needed to manage it
  • Only using 20% of available bandwidth, leaving headroom for growth
  • Solution deployed on-time, and ahead of campus opening
  • Created a blueprint for future off-shore campuses

Why Servium?

  • Exceptional planning, including technology options and commercial terms
  • Around-the-clock support to ensure effective and successful delivery of the solution