The Who

  • Multi-national pharmaceutical organisation
  • Global leader in rare diseases
  • Presence in over 130 countries

The Challenge

  • Geo-expansion team needed to roll out plasma donation sites across Czech Republic and Hungary
  • 21 empty shop fronts to be fitted out to enable walk-in donation
  • Required in a wide spread of locations, co-ordinated from the UK, owing to lockdown restrictions
  • Sensitive nature of stored data demanded highly secure network
  • Technology needed to be sourced in the UK, then collated and sent overseas

The Solution

  • Site-ready "shop kits" created before shipping
  • Included CIsco Vertiv, OpenGear, Palo Alto firewalls and cabling
  • Rollout was owned by four full-time consultants who co-ordinated the project from the UK due to lockdown restrictions

The Benefits

  • Fast response to mid-project changes of plan
  • Re-warehousing in-country to avoid export duties arising from Brexit
  • Close working relationship with UK network team helped maintain project momentum

Why Servium?

  • Experience with geo-expansion team across a number of other initiatives
  • Flexibility and attention to detail
  • Ability to support with planning in early states of project
  • Back-office ability to navigate unforeseen events