The Who

  • UK-based private healthcare provider
  • 4 UK offices, plus over 40 clinical sites
  • Required to support public health services during the COVID-19 pandemic by taking on non-elective procedures

The Challenge

  • Unable to diagnose patients on-site due to pandemic restrictions, so needed to quickly roll out remote diagnosis capabilities
  • Existing Zoom customer for office staff only, wanted to expand to clinical staff
  • No licences in place for clinical staff
  • All-hands-on-deck nature of early stages of pandemic meant a lack of resource to handle rapid deployment

The Solution

  • Zoom was preferred conferencing method due to existing experience
  • Zoom licences acquired for use by frontline workers
  • Quick and simple rollout - 300-500 licences added per month, over 6 months
  • Orchestrated ad-hoc licence deployments for priority employees, such as independent consultants
  • New premium licencing gave all consultants and GPs capability to conduct more detailed appointments lasting longer than 45 minutes

The Benefits

  • Able to maintain business-as-usual services during a challenging time
  • Increased face-to-face time for consultants and reduced travel time
  • Reduced travel had a positive effect on customer's Green Agenda
  • Growth from 200 licences to over 3,500 in just 6 months
  • Servium was able to work with purchasing departments to enable cost centre chargeback for purchasing
  • Workforce's existing familiarity with Zoom functionality meant little training was required during deployment
  • Now looking at other Zoom-related products to increase collaboration solutions offered to staff

Why Servium?

  • Comprehensive understanding of their business and project demands
  • Strong partnership with Zoom enabled switch-on of trial licences
  • Ability to quickly convert to paid licences once budget secured