The Who

  • Approached by leading UK-based systems integrator on behalf of a defence client
  • Nature of work is highly confidential

The Challenge

  • Servium had previously delivered a highly-secure, multi-vendor hyperconverged infrastructure
  • Environment comprised of 5,000 separate, highly confidential networks
  • Sensitive nature of critical data makes system upgrades challenging
  • Client identified need to replicate exact environment for test and development purposes
  • Added complications due to many environment elements being beyond end-of-life date
  • Operating legacy hardware and software, demanding specially trained teams to manage
  • Timescales derailed by COVID-19 pandemic

The Solution

  • Infrastructure review undertaken
  • Shortcomings in compute and redundancy identified
  • Sourcing of exact mix of hardware and software
  • Specialised training courses arranged to familiarise new staff with legacy tools
  • Arranged downgrade rights for software licences where relevant, so as to exactly replicate existing environment

The Benefits

  • Cost savings achieved by sourcing manufacturer-approved refurbished technology where appropriate
  • All configurations identical to live environment

Why Servium?

  • Understood all complexities of infrastructure, having deployed original environment
  • Strong relationships with the vendors involved
  • Maintained strict confidentiality between all parties
  • Functioned as "part of the team" alongside the customer