The Who

  • Second largest architecture firm in the UK
  • 9 sites in the UK, 7 overseas
  • Roughly 1,000 users internationally

The Challenge

  • COVID-19 pandemic created time pressure to prepare for unknowns while keeping global teams functioning
  • Desire to deploy SD-WAN across all international sites
  • Very quick deployment expectations
  • End of contract was fast approaching with existing network supplier
  • Dissatisfied with existing network experience
  • All offices closed shortly after project commencement due to international lockdowns

The Solution

  • Proposed "as-a-service" offering to access technology and support
  • Install new network globally and set up next-gen firewalls
  • Sites connected sequentially in order of priority
  • Regular project review points and project calls

The Benefits

  • Network built in software enables new sites and network capabilities to be easily and quickly added
  • Faster response times when business needs to scale or adapt the network
  • Predictable cost for network operation and connectivity
  • Offload of project responsibility during busy time for IT team

Why Servium?

  • Speed in getting the project off the ground - just 48 hours from enquiry to project planning
  • Reassurance that depth of skills and resource could be accessed from just one partner
  • Ability to do a lot of the heavy lifting with carries on behalf of customer