The Who

  • Leading provider of appliance care in the UK
  • 100-year heritage
  • Protecting electronic devices and white goods for more than 16 million customers in 14 countries
  • Experiencing significant surge in growth

The Challenge

  • Increasingly mobile workforce changing outlook for future device strategy
  • Exiting device estate approaching end-of-life
  • Plan to refresh 2,000 notebook devices
  • Compatibility challenges between legacy mission-critical apps for finance and customer services with Windows 10
  • Backward OS compatibility key for apps – an issue confronting 20% of workforce
  • Hardware issues creating high failure rates amongst existing devices
  • Seeking best value from upgrade – performance and longevity from new technology

The Solution

  • Client wanted to continue with HP devices for refresh
  • Servium proposed AMD machines be considered
  • Noteworthy savings of AMD, while achieving the same or better performance versus Intel devices
  • Trial devices put into circulation with power users
  • Proposed rollout to be staggered into 100 machines replaced at a time, to minimise risks
  • Buffer stock held to overcome supply challenges
  • Europe-wide logistics

The Benefits

  • 25% cost savings compared to similar Intel devices
  • AMD devices delivered backward compatibility with previous Windows OS for legacy apps
  • Zero impact of switch on device management and upkeep by IT team
  • Noticeable reduction in device failure rates
  • Achieved perfect balance of value, performance, compatibility

Why Servium?

  • Long-serving customer of Servium
  • High-profile project, wanted reassurance of trusted partner
  • Required fresh eyes on the devices, strategy, and associated economics
  • Proven attention to detail was a critical success factor