The Who

  • Legal services organisation for corporate and financial sectors
  • Operating in 9 locations internationally, within 6 jurisdictions
  • 700 employees globally
  • Multiple awards won within their sector

The Challenge

  • Backup process assessed as being unfit
  • Single-phase back-ups taking place locally across all 6 jurisdictions
  • Some sites located in hurricane-prone regions, putting some data at higher risk
  • No regimented, standardised approach to backup
  • Tape backups shipped back to HQ annually
  • Lack of security with existing process - information was being backed up, but not encrypted
  • Pursuit of ISO 27001 accreditation demanded a more comprehensive solution

The Solution

  • Arcserve UDP technology pre-configured and deployed to each location, minimising DOA
  • New backup standard defined blending both local and centralised data protection
  • Multi-layer protection before eventual offload to tape
  • UDP solution air gaps all data and encrypts it prior to storage
  • Backed up data cleaned of malware both locally and centrally

The Benefits

  • Eliminated in-the-field deployment costs due to pre-configuration
  • Automated backup routines now occuring
  • More robust security measures surrounding backups
  • Backup window reduced significantly, to just two hours
  • All backups now undertaken much more frequently
  • Disaster recovery testing capability on the live environment, without having to plan for downtime
  • Overcame a number of logistical challenges in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, without delaying the project

Why Servium?

  • Challenged customer's beliefs on what was possible
  • Recommendations demonstrated great understanding of their business and requirements
  • Reduced project timelines by proposing alternative solution
  • Provided access to all expertise needed to successfully deploy
  • Seamlessly acted as extension to the IT team
  • Now go-to partner for future projects