The Who

  • Global fashion and lifestyle retailer
  • Over 2,000 employees
  • 4 UK sites, 1 US site
  • Project launched in UK HQ

The Challenge

  • Following renovations at the customer’s HQ, support was required to improve meeting room acoustics
  • Industrial style fit-out meant that meeting rooms featured air ducts and large amount of metalwork - resulting in a challenging acoustic environment
  • Rooms in use for board-level meetings
  • 3 large meeting rooms needed acoustic conditioning to maximise effect of newly-deployed conferencing technology
  • Customer had been unable to find supplier to remedy this issue

The Solution

  • Acoustic panelling solution proposed
  • Site survey and on-site testing to establish how many panels would be required, and where to mount them for best effect
  • Nature of buildings meant that each room was unique and so testing process had to be repeated from scratch
  • Reports supplied to customer prior to purchase, guaranteeing that proposed panelling would have the required effect
  • Servium orchestrated all deployment and logistics from supplier in Italy
  • Impact of COVID-19 made site-surveys and installation more challenging

The Benefits

  • Huge impact on usability of meeting rooms
  • Customer can now use meeting rooms for their intended purpose
  • Plans to roll-out solution 55+ meeting rooms

Why Servium?

  • Determination to solve an unusual problem
  • Customer knew what they wanted to achieve, but not how to do it, or who to do it with
  • Confidence in Servium's ability to deliver given past project track record