The Who

  • World's largest technology solutions provider to financial services
  • Multiple sites globally
  • 52,000 employees worldwide
  • Fortune 500 company

The Challenge

  • Using third-party datacentre services for some of their solutions
  • Modular approach of service provider creating unnecessary costs
  • Wanted to move their disaster recovery & business continuity back in-house
  • Knew they could save money by doing so
  • Third-party provider made this difficult
  • Needed expert help to design a new solution and then migrate

The Solution

  • Coordinated right expertise from Services Ecosystem
  • Leaders in network and storage design
  • Provided professional services consultation on design of new platform
  • Output 2x documents of how process could work

The Benefits

  • Highly in-depth document outlining equipment, process, etc.
  • Outlined substantial savings bringing this solution in-house
  • Greater flexibility and control
  • Post-implementation service desk
  • Handover period with customer's IT team

Why Servium?

  • Good experience of previous critical storage project
  • Fast access to subject matter experts
  • Knowledge transfer to customer
  • Leverage of Services Ecosystem