The Who

  • World-renowned fast-food chain
  • 900 UK restaurants
  • 50 brand-operated restaurants, with the remaining number as franchises

The Challenge

  • Experiencing issues with SQL database - a critical system
  • Resulting performance challenges and uptime problems
  • Hosted on legacy IBM hardware reaching end of life
  • Growing costly to support
  • Needed to discover if SQL issues due to hardware or configuration

The Solution

  • Facilitated IBM and SQL experts to conduct health check
  • Health check and audit turned into troubleshooting exercise
  • Discovered firmware updates not patched
  • Aging hardware estate identified as cause
  • Produced 160-page report on the benefits of moving to Nutanix

The Benefits

  • Report proposed new hyperconverged infrastructure
  • Highlighted how SQL infrastructure could perform
  • Demonstrated headroom for infrastructure expansion
  • Access to SQL expert meant savings on dedicated head
  • Significantly improved performance
  • Huge savings in support

Why Servium?

  • Cognisant of critical need for SQL to be done right
  • Mobilised the right technical resource quickly
  • Added value in scaled resource across multiple live projects