The Who

  • Global management and technology consultancy
  • Dedicated to the financial services industry
  • Presence in 20 countries
  • Operating across 35 sites
  • 4,500 users

The Challenge

  • Looking to replace aging client estate
  • Contract with Dell ending
  • Interest in Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) model for alternative procurement
  • Released an RFP
  • Needed a fast turnaround of project

The Solution

  • Identified Dell DaaS considered not mature enough
  • Advised customer to review HP services and devices
  • Facilitated workshop with HP and customer to determine suitability
  • Sessions with HP to build out possible service
  • Realised more beneficial for customer to work directly with HP

The Benefits

  • Introduced flexibility of DaaS model
  • Reliable, high-performing HP devices
  • Deploy devices to offices much quicker
  • More cost-effective - OPEX instead of CAPEX

Why Servium?

  • Seen as part of the customer's team
  • Put the customer first - stepped aside from project when necessary
  • Leverage and knowledge of partner technology