The Who

  • Industry leader in military equipment
  • 200 users across multiple sites

The Challenge

  • Multiple critical security issues
  • Staff turnover meant limited IT resources, stretching in-house capability
  • Systems compromised and core infrastructure no longer supported, resulting in a major security breach
  • All systems needed to be taken offline for rebuild

The Solution

  • System investigation to determine damage
  • Post-breach spent week rebuilding, updating, and patching systems and software
  • Existing security policies bolstered
  • Provided full vulnerability report
  • Regular support now offered to mitigate resource shortfall
  • Concluded with penetration testing and certification

The Benefits

  • Back up and running very quickly and with limited downtime given the scope of the project
  • More reliable, robust security systems now in place
  • Increased confidence and reduced maintenance
  • Customer now has support days & on-site support on demand

Why Servium?

  • First person customer called - reliant on Servium's expertise
  • Trust built on long-standing relationship
  • Rapid response - consultant on-site within 6 hours
  • Able to assemble the right resource quickly thanks to Services Ecosystem