The Who

  • One of the UK's largest investment platforms for advisors and other financial institutions
  • Responsible for £89.3 billion of investments
  • 2,000 users

The Challenge

  • Early adoption of VMware technology challenged understanding of the company's license position
  • The customer wanted to better understand their licensing arrangements and commercials
  • Desire to explore where savings could be made

The Solution

  • A specialist health check tool called Sonar was brought in to identify potential savings
  • 2-day interpretation of the findings compiled into comprehensive report
  • After reviewing the initial results, a further 8 days of consultancy to rationalise their licensing

The Benefits

  • Management of environment became far easier
  • Massive 25% reduction in licensing costs
  • Overcame the perception that tools like this would cost more and take more time
  • Savings made were repurposed for consultancy to improve environment

Why Servium?

  • Customer was impressed by Servium's proposal
  • Highly innovative approach