The Who

  • Governing body for rugby union
  • 12x locations and training grounds

The Challenge

  • Previous IT manager left suddenly
  • Team was left with long-overdue VM updates with legacy VMware technology
  • As their primary infrastructure, this put them in a precarious position
  • Experiencing regular issues and conflicts hampering production environment
  • No expertise in-house to resolve them

The Solution

  • Proposed health check to review their estate
  • Diagnosed problems, identified fixes, and implemented changes
  • Leveraged Servium Services Ecosystem for project
  • Project undertaken over 6-9 months, orchestrated around matches

The Benefits

  • Fully documented instructions for running the environment
  • Enabled independent operation to continue
  • Highly flexible resourcing and delivery
  • Accessed expert VMware knowledge
  • Right soft skills for knowledge transfer

Why Servium?

  • Strong relationship built on trust over 4 years
  • Breadth and depth of capability and access to skills
  • Time invested previously on-site and in-person
  • Willingness to always go the extra mile