The Who

  • One of the world's top 20 general insurance and reinsurance companies
  • 15,000 users across 37 countries

The Challenge

  • Had just experienced a critical failure of their McAfee environment
  • Without any in-house skills to fix, access to their system was compromised and at risk of a security breach
  • IBM support contract in place, but a resolution was not forthcoming

The Solution

  • Servium security consultant available within hours
  • Problem diagnosed on call
  • Servium on-site that afternoon and solved the issue within 4 hours
  • Acquired specialist knowledge for customer

The Benefits

  • Site restored to normal in rapid time
  • Back to a compliant state
  • Business protected from potential data breaches
  • Enabled customer to work longer with existing solution
  • Breathing space for a new, long-term solution to be selected

Why Servium?

  • Moved without a PO
  • Responded faster than IBM, who responded 2 weeks later with a lead time of 2 more weeks
  • Not bogged down in the process
  • In the time of need, Servium took risks to help the customer