The Who

  • International legal services firm
  • Considered one of the world's best off-shore law firms
  • Based in 9x jurisdictions across the globe
  • 500 users

The Challenge

  • Aging Cisco security estate
  • Need for next-generation firewalls
  • Finance branch app needed tighter security
  • Regulatory pressures increasing around the business

The Solution

  • Conducted web meetings with various vendors
  • Helped narrow choice down to Palo Alto
  • 2-day workshop conducted with customer
  • Demonstrated how Palo Alto solution would work
  • 2-phase approach - HQ, then global rollout
  • Supplied hardware and engineering resource
  • Worked with local office to arrange switchover out of hours
  • Created security policies to administer solutions

The Benefits

  • Important peace of mind
  • Now meeting relevant security standards
  • Freedom to innovate in other areas of the business
  • IT function trained on new technology
  • Ongoing review to ensure adoption of security best practice

Why Servium?

  • Understanding of relevant vendor technologies for evaluation
  • Took a pragmatic approach to switchover
  • Scaled resource across multiple projects