The Who

  • Europe's largest online gaming and betting company
  • 6x sites
  • £214 million turnover
  • 1,500 users

The Challenge

  • Rapid user growth from 500 to 1,500 users in 12 months
  • Departments spread unnecessarily across 4 floors of their building
  • Wanted to consolidate down to 2 floors - moving 400 users
  • Conduct consolidation in tandem with a refresh of half of their legacy client estate
  • Maintain 24x7x365 operation throughout

The Solution

  • Servium proposed all devices to be used in new offices
  • Refreshed monitors on new desks
  • Data cabling to support consolidated office space
  • Uniformly deployed across entire office
  • Buffer area provided for staff to work during move
  • Harnessed deployment expertise of Services Ecosystem

The Benefits

  • Saving of £100,000 per month, and £1.2 million per year on rent
  • Better user experience overall, even for those not on new technology
  • Everyone moved seamlessly in 2 weeks
  • No single user inconvenienced
  • Finished a day ahead of schedule - saving an extra month's rent
  • Departments now closer together in a more sensible office layout

Why Servium?

  • Sourced the right people to meet demands and timelines
  • Created comprehensive plan to move users without interruption
  • Avoided hidden costs