The Who

  • International practice of designers, engineers, and architects
  • 6x UK sites with a HQ in Manchester
  • 5x overseas sites
  • 1,200 users

The Challenge

  • 8 year old networking equipment reaching end of life
  • Frustrations with existing Cisco GUI to control network
  • End-to-end network refresh was required
  • All core to edge switching and routing

The Solution

  • Proposed solution built on new Dell technologies
  • £250k project
  • Orchestrated implementation of project
  • Financed solution to offer flexible payment terms and spread cost
  • 3-month delivery window for project

The Benefits

  • Multi-vendor management tool for legacy Cisco tech they retained
  • One-off licensing model to avoid recurring fees
  • Significantly cheaper solution using Dell
  • Servium held all equipment in warehouse to avoid delays
  • Expert logistics - shipping to both the UK and overseas

Why Servium?

  • Trust built up between parties
  • Confidence in Servium's proactive approach
  • Seamless partnership with Dell