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Established in 2009, Servium has been providing IT solutions to our customers ever since. Today we number nearly 40 people, spread across four locations, and continue to expand our reach with increasingly ambitious projects across the UK and beyond.

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Dedicated to our customers

Servium is Latin for ‘to serve’, but it takes more than just a name to deliver a great IT experience. Whether you’re the IT strategy-maker, the professional charged with delivery, or the eventual end-user, working with Servium you’re guaranteed a few important things that we believe make all the difference. We pride ourselves on thinking differently, strive to overcome problems and push boundaries, and always move quickly. Everything we do is made possible by a team of people defined by their resourcefulness, commitment, and attentiveness.

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The result is that we take exceptional care of you from the word go. We might not tell you you’re always right, but that’s because we like to challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and achieve more from your IT.

The proof is in the pudding

We could be accused of making bold claims around the service and support we offer our customers, so we take the time to ask you what you think of us and listen to what you have to say. Our annual Customer Satisfaction Survey suggests that our customers love what we do and consistently rate us better than the rest. This positive feedback (as well as the criticism) drives us on and goes a long way towards informing our future plans for the business.

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International business

Whilst we’re a proud UK-based company, by no means does that restrict where we take our great IT experiences. In fact, increasingly our services are heading overseas to where we’ve successfully implemented IT solutions in more than 60 locations across every major continent and possess important customs know-how to ensure that multi-country projects stay on track. And it’s not just simply shipping technology to our overseas customers, we’ve orchestrated an array of complex projects bringing together technology, people and expertise with a sense of closeness that almost feels local. Through our community of vendor partners and trusted Services Ecosystem, our customers enjoy the same level of service and support wherever they are in the world.

Doing our bit

Our desire to serve stretches beyond our customers and into the local community and bigger world we’re part of. Accordingly, we have a strong corporate responsibility to show care towards others. Charity is therefore a big part of life at Servium and in the last year alone we’ve supported more than 20 charities. However, very close to our heart is Lifeblood – The Thrombosis Charity after much loved friend, colleague and former Servium staffer, Mark Sheldon passed away suddenly to Thrombosis on 7th January 2011. We’ve also set up a Friends and Family Fund, which enables staff to nominate someone connected to the business to receive a bursary for almost anything that may make an impact on their life.

Our Story

Since our inception in 2009, we’ve come a long way. Now with two offices in Chessington and Warrington as well as a warehouse in Lymm, we’ve built our whole business from the ground-up and are growing and evolving all the time. This is our story.

Our Culture

We’re born to serve. It runs throughout everything we do – from the big things to the little things. Known for our commitment to excellent customer service and meticulous attention to detail, we approach every project with care and a can-do attitude.

Our Culture

Our Team

We’ve assembled a team of talented individuals all dedicated to giving our customers the best service possible. We all share the same passion for technology and the same core values, going above and beyond to deliver great IT experiences.

Our Team

Our Partners

We work with a broad spectrum of industry-leading partners, from pioneers to heritage brands, so we’re perfectly positioned to bring you the very best technology available. It ensures an objective view, and that any partner we match to your solution is the right fit.

Our Partners

Our Recognition

We’re not ones to show off, but we are proud of the industry recognition we’ve achieved. We’ve been shortlisted for and won several prestigious IT and technology awards.

Our Recognition

Customer Satisfaction Survey

We’re proud of the service we provide to our customers, so we let them do the talking. See how we’ve been rated by those who’ve experienced us first-hand.