Why HPE GreenLake is the killer service for transforming your datacentre



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Discover a cloud-like experience in your own datacentre

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is transforming the world of datacentre IT. Moving applications and services to the public cloud delivers undeniable agility and flexible economics that’s been near impossible to match in your on-premises datacentre. However, IaaS isn’t always the best solution for everyone. In fact, moving sensitive or critical workloads to the cloud can actually do more harm than good, often resulting in a complicated process of returning from the cloud without experiencing any of the expected benefits.

The best of both worlds

GreenLake Flex Capacity offers a solution which allows you to harness all the benefits of the cloud, whilst still maintaining on-premises workloads. Using a simple, consumption-based model that’s right-sized for your business, GreenLake Flex Capacity gives you all the confidence you need to dynamically tune your capacity so that you’re never at risk of paying for more than you need.

The capacity confusion ends here. Download our guide – Why HPE GreenLake is the killer service for transforming your datacentre, and discover a more transparent and cost-effective infrastructure that functions and performs just like the public cloud.