The Rise of the Power Office



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Your users want a workstation

As we continue to demand a faster, easier, and richer user experience from the business applications we rely on, the more graphics-intensive they become. This puts a significant strain on conventional PCs that typically only offer graphics on-chip, therefore challenging performance.

Described as “Power Office” workflows, these were once confined to special users working with exclusive apps, but this is no longer the case. Now, the majority of your users rely on Power Office apps to perform their roles and are struggling with limiting technology incapable of delivering the experience they crave.

Designed with a dedicated GPU and powered by Intel® Core™ Processors, Lenovo’s P Series workstations are purpose-built to handle Power Office workflows with ease. Durable, reliable, and virtually unhackable, these devices deliver everything a conventional PC can’t.

Our white paper The Rise of the Power Office covers:

  • 8 types of Power Office workflow workstations address
  • The many reasons your users will win with a workstation
  • Why Lenovo workstations are primed for the Power Office
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