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Dell EMC

INOOT Webinar Season 2: Dell EMC Live Optics

In this episode of our INOOT webinar series, host Steve Dawes is joined by Dell Solutions Design Specialist Nick Eastwell to discuss Dell EMC Live Optics, the free, online software that allows you to easily collect, visualise and share data from the workloads running within your IT environment.

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Services Ecosystem

INOOT Webinar Season 2: Servium Services

In this episode of our I Need One Of Those (INOOT) webinar series, we turn the spotlight on ourselves and explain how we deliver leading-edge technologies and an exceptional customer experience through our Servium Services Ecosystem.
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Services Ecosystem

INOOT Webinar Season 1: Diversify Your Cloud with Exponential-e

In this INOOT webinar, we discuss how single-vendor cloud providers can prevent your business from fully embracing the benefits of the cloud. Joined by Exponential-e, we delve into their Cloud Management Platform through a demonstration, to discover how you can experience the flexibility of a multi-vendor cloud strategy with the simplicity of a single provider.

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Services Ecosystem

INOOT Webinar Season 1: Stay Connected with Out-of-Band Management

When your network goes down, it can be detrimental to your business. So how can you still keep your mission-critical applications running during an outage? In this INOOT webinar, we’re joined by Lantronix, a global provider of secure data access and management solutions, to discuss their impressive Out-of-Band Management (OoB) solution.

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